Medira’s Quality Management System Policy

As a medical device distributor to the UK healthcare sector, Medira thrives on building a reputation for uniquely superior, innovative products, while achieving and maintaining service and support levels that customers expect and deserve.
Core to delivering this is the continual improvement of our Quality Management System and in meeting applicable requirements, including statutory and regulatory.

We are committed to maintaining our ISO 9001 certification through co-operation, motivation and effective collaboration with all our interested parties.

We are further committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective application of our Quality Management System, and with it a socially responsible attitude to the purchase, storage and distribution of all our products.

We recognize that reductions in waste, and improvements in process understanding and compliance, will help to ensure the sustainability of Medira; as will the maintenance of our organizational knowledge for the consistent provision of product and service, and for business continuity purposes.

Signed:Roseanne Aitken signatureRoseanne Aitken
Managing Director
1stMay 2018