Welcome to Medira Ltd, the company that specialises in a unique range of biomaterials.

Medira specialises in natural biomaterials to aid tissue regeneration.
Our goal is to always provide best-of-breed products with support to the industry to ensure their correct use. The result is that wounds heal quicker and costs are saved through reduction in numbers of dressings and the nursing attendance time. We source products globally and review the research before promoting their application. We also aim to perform scientific trials in conjunction with health care professionals where the results would be useful to the medical profession.

Formed in 2008 as a consultancy, morphing into major biomaterials supplier, our team has extensive knowledge of wound-care and a clear understanding of the application of our products. From our head-office in Cambridge we can support the large-scale supplier and the smaller user.
We aim to work through resellers as the most cost-effective route, but do offer an online store for some products.

Our products fall into two categories:


Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrogen
PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is the concentration of your own body’s platelets in a small amount of plasma to aid and enhance tissue regeneration.
PRP promotes tissue healing by releasing a large amount of growth factors from the platelets in the treated area.
Platelet Rich Fibroin (PRF) is a second generation preparation to create a fibrin scaffold with which the growth factors and other bioactive materials interact to stimulate the healing process


Piscean Collagen would dressings and applications.
Piscean (fish) Collagen has been shown to be the most effective form to aid recovery. It does this by working with the body’s own recovery mechanism to create the matrix for skin to regrow quickly.

Medira’s Piscean Collagen is in 4 forms:

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