Compact and light, this centrifuge is designed for the independent clinician.

The C-15000 only has four rotor buckets.

A typical Aesthetic treatment never uses more than two blood draw tubes.  Occasionally orthopedics may use four Cellenis tubes.

The C-15000 will carry both Cellenis®PRP 11ml and 22ml blood draw tubes or Cellenis®PRF 12ml and 23ml blood draw tubes.

    Electronic Timer with Display

    Programmable Force with digital readout displaying Time and RPM settings.  A button push shows the RCF

    Capacity:   Maximum four (4) tube holders able to take both Cellenis 11ml and 22ml blood draw tubes.  Most independent clinicians use no more than two tubes per patient. If one tube only is used, then a balancing tube filled with water is used.

    AC Motor: Smooth operation with no routine maintenance needed

    Exceptionally Quiet Operation with Low Vibration  

    Dimensions: (WxDxH):  21.2cm x 27cm x 15.8cm       Weight: 4.5kg

    Automatic and Positive Lid Lock: Centrifuge will not run with the lid open and the lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning

    Clear Shatter Proof Lid: Allows for safe sample observation

    Bucket caps: An additional safety feature to contain any tube spillage within the bucket

    CE Certified to EU Regulatory Standards

Designed to be used 15,000 times a year, the C-15000 has a one year warranty.

For enquiries or ordering, please use orders@medira.co.uk

orders@medira.co.uk or 0800 292 2014