Medira is pleased to announce the inclusion of the Tropocells® PRP/TRS/PRF range of products.  

Cellenis® brand will be used exclusively for Aesthetics, while the Tropocells® brand will be used for dental, oral maxillofacial, ENT and wound healing segments.

The quality and kit components of Tropocells® brand are identical to that of Cellenis® and the cost-effective pricing remains the same.

New Centrifuge

We are very pleased to announceth addition of a new small centrifuge, perfectly suited to the independent clinician.

The C-15000 takes both the 11ml and 22ml blood draw tubes, and has ONLY TWO BUCKETS.  This means 2 x 11ml or 2 x 22ml tubes are the maximum number of tubes that can be centrifuged at one time.  If only one tube is centrifuged, then a balancing tube is used.

The C-15000 weighs 4.5kg and has dimensions of W 21.2cm x D 27cm x H 15.8cm