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Platelet Rich Plasma and the power of regenerative medicine

What better way to revive your natural beauty and to rejuvenate the aging process than by using your body’s own power to regenerate itself.   This hidden power base is found in platelets in our blood.

The only common feature that Cellenis® PRP shares with other PRP systems available today is the need to draw blood which is then centrifuged.

  • For insurance against aging
  • To rejuvenate aging skin
  • For female hair loss
  • to encourage regeneration of male hair loss
  • For musculoskeletal wear and tear or injury*
  • For pain management*

Insist on nothing less than

*Tropocells® PRP

Creating the optimal PRP formulation (Sasaki 2021, Dernek 2017)

Cellenis® PRP and Tropocells® PRP (for all non-aesthetic indications) is supplied exclusively by Cambridge-based Medira Ltd to exclusive clinics in the UK.

Discerning clinics offer Cellenis® and Tropocells® PRP treatment to their clients with certain pharmacies happy to supply Cellenis® PRP when prescribed by their treating clinicians.
Contact Church Pharmacy, St Helens Millenium Pharmacy, John Bannon Pharmacy and Mediva Pharmacy for ordering details.

Benefits of providing treatment with Cellenis® or Tropocells® PRP

Patient comfort and safety The modified anticoagulant has a neutral pH of 7 with added dextrose. PRP is prepared in a completely closed sterile system, heightening safety
Less inflammatory response, increased healing. The unique separation technology of Cellenis® and Tropocells® PRP eliminates almost all catabolic granulocytes from the leucocyte population in blood while retaining a high % on monocytes
Eliminates 0% – 0.3% red blood cells RBC are not only contaminants in PRP, but antagonists to the entire healing process
Simplicity and ease of use Ability to increase platelet count to 4-5 above base line, 15min from blood draw to ready-to-inject
Value for money 11ml and 22ml volume blood draw; increased PRP volume, increased value