The global aesthetics market ( is booming and this has been reflected in the UK, largely driven by social media. Image and video-based platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, have given aesthetic brands ample opportunity to introduce new procedures and products to the masses, while forums like RealSelf connect patients with providers before they ever step foot into an office.

With so many positive changes to the aesthetic industry, 2020 is looking like a lucrative year for aesthetic providers—with one caveat. Simply being aware of “the way the tides are moving” in aesthetics won’t translate to sales unless you’re one step ahead of the competition by offering cutting-edge products and services.

By 2025, the global aesthetics market is expected to reach over £16.9 billion. Don’t miss your opportunity to get your piece of the pie by adding these two aesthetic industry trends to your lineup:

Trend #1:   Platelet Rich Plasma   Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments have been around for years, but a global shift towards embracing all things “natural”—especially as it relates to appearance and medical procedures—has intensified the demand for PRP, which isolates and makes use of the platelets in a patient’s own blood.

Learn about Cellenis’s simple, safe, high quality and value for money process here, which isolates platelets while eliminating undesirable components, such as red blood cells and inflammatory white blood cells.

Trend #2: Holistic Hair Health   Beautiful hair is always in. Patients suffering from alopecia are ditching the “Rogaine band aid” for hair and whole-body health combination treatments that get to the root of the problem from different angles.

Medira is pleased to announce plans to launch of Votesse® a two-part system to support hair health. The treatment plan combines vitamins—without any potentially dangerous biotin—that promote whole-body wellbeing, with a topical solution to support strands where they grow.  Votesse® will be sold through Cellenis PRP clinics only.