US consultant Dr Ryan Riggs was intrigued by the potential of PRP but unsure of its benefits.  He decided to investigate the mixed outcomes that are reported in published studies.   The results are in this webinar using referenced  data.   

One aspect of his findings is below using slides from his webinar.

Dr Riggs concluded that the anabolic to catabolic ratio within prepared PRP is critically important for outcomes – the closer it is to 100% the better.  He found this to be a useful tool to evaluate PRP systems.

Comparative results are shown in the second slide.

See the second to last column for A:C ratio.  Tropocells® our PRP system, is an astonishing 89,18%.  Closer to 100% than any other system.

This is because other PRP systems find it difficult to separate catabolic neutrophils and anabolic monocytes in the PRP “soup” end result.

To clarify our PRP brand names:

  • For non-surgical aesthetics, the brand name is Cellenis® PRP  (Eclipse PRP in the US)
  • For surgical applications, such as ortho/sports med, dental, oral max fac, ENT, plastics and wound healing, the brand name is Tropocells® PRP

Medira stocks both Cellenis® and Tropocells® brands – identical product and price.